5 Digital Enterprise Architecture strategies to establish your company’s competitive edge

Some time ago, I wrote an article about what is Digital Architecture. As a continuation of that article, also as...

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Top 5 ways to successfully fail Digital Transformation

It is nearly impossible not coming across an article or a post about digital transformation on any given day. I...

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6 Superpowers of a Technology Architect

Every profession requires special skills which make an individual best or mediocre in that field. If you are a superhero,...

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Hi there!

Mehmet Akyuz

I'm a Sydney based Digital Enterprise Architect with 20+ years of experience.

I have been helping clients from banking, wealth management, insurance, telco and other industries with their large programs and managing end to end architectures. My expertise is in Digital, Enterprise, Integration and Solution architectures. I am also interested in Design Thinking which is one of the other topics of my blog.

I am TOGAF and AWS certified. Yeah, they come in useful.

I'm also fond of motorbikes , photography and music . I also occasionally code for fun.

Feel free to connect with me on linkedin.com/makyuz & twitter.com/_makyuz

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