The Superpowers of a Technology Architect

Every profession requires special skills which make an individual best or mediocre in that field. If you are a superhero, flying without engines, seeing behind the walls or firing laser beams off your eyes would certainly make you a favourite …
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What is Digital Architecture anyway?

Best way to secure funding for your project is to put the word Digital somewhere into the name of it. Those were the words I heard from a IT executive pretty much summarising the way IT industry reacts to Digital …
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Digital Thinking

Digital is big. It is not only big in the size of the hype it created but also big in its breadth and impact. It has become the codename for anything mixing the latest in technology with dazzling customer experience. …
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Mehmet Akyuz

I'm a Sydney based Digital Solutions Architect with 18+ years of technology experience and a shiny TOGAF certificate.

I have been helping clients from finance, insurance, telco and other industries with their large programs and managing end to end architectures. Lately I got more involved in digital transformation initiatives and sharing my thoughts and ideas in my blog.

I'm particularly interested in APIs, enterprise architecture and digital thinking.

I'm also fond of motorcycles , photography and music and occasionally code for fun.

Feel free to contact me on &


Sydney, Australia (where you're beaten by kangaroos and stung by deadly spiders)